Trailer Leasing

Tri-State provides top-of-the-line trailers that exceed industry standards. Our fleet is always up-to-date with the latest technology and designed to improve efficiency and durability. We cater to businesses of all types and will work with you to find the ideal trailer leasing solution for your needs.

Trailer Leasing Options

When it comes to your business, leasing a trailer instead of purchasing can help keep debt off your balance sheet, while offering a lower monthly rate. You can also arrange for early termination with equipment swaps if needed.

Trailer Leasing Models

Storage Trailers: We offer a diverse selection of storage trailers for lease, featuring a range of lengths and swing-doors to suit your needs. Our trailers are equipped with long-lasting hardwood floors and roofs that keep your items safe and dry, even in harsh weather conditions.

Dry Vans: Our dry vans are designed with durable materials and components that surpass industry standards, providing superior resistance to damage caused by loading and unloading cargo and forklifts. Key features include a 24,000 lb.-rated floor, reinforced interior walls, 1 3/8" oak flooring, and a 12" scuffliner throughout.

Trailer Leasing Benefits

Not only is trailer leasing cost-effective, it allows you to optimize your fleet sourcing strategy. Leasing trailers can help you:

  • Optimize your fleet balance with a mix of rented, leased, and owned trailers to stay financially agile.
  • Reduce risk by avoiding over-reliance on any one type of trailer or supplier, and adapting quickly to market changes.
  • Cut maintenance and overhead costs by letting us cover licensing, tax, and compliance-related expenses.
  • Preserve cash and maximize liquidity by releasing working capital for critical investments through cost-effective leasing or renting options.

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