What are the highest paying truck driving jobs?

When it comes to driving trucks in the U.S., not all payloads are equal. Truck driver pay isn’t equal either. Opportunity in the trucking industry pays for those ready to ramp up responsibility and haul ultra in-demand products. If you’re an experienced truck driver looking to go to the next level, consider the highest paying truck driving jobs.

Over the Road (OTR) Team Truck Driver

According to ZipRecruiter, the average team driver earns $80,000 per year; however, some have reported pay of $110,000 or more per year. Truck drivers willing to join forces generally make more money than solo drivers. Some team drivers claim to earn 20%-25% more pay. Because the truck moves the load more hours each day, runs are typically longer and harder than average. The trend in the trucking industry is husband and wife OTR truck driving teams. Splitting costs for things like microwaves and cleaning supplies help keep more money in truck driver pockets.

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Oversized/Heavy Haul Truck Driver

One of the most overlooked truck driving jobs with the potential to pay big is the oversized heavy haul. The top 10% of Heavy haul truck drivers earn an average of $73,000 – $120,000. Limited drivers with oversized experience and unique payloads drive up demand. Longer hauls and more time out add to a driver’s ability to increase pay. Often pilot or chase cars are needed to escort a heavy haul truck driver to the destination. Very often, carriers require drivers to have 10+ years of experience and a tanker or hazmat endorsement for consideration.

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Hazmat Truck Driver

Although Hazmat truck driver salaries widely vary, many earn around $96,000 per year or more, with an average team driver exceeding $71,000. The limited number of trucker drivers with hazmat endorsements help keep the demand high and the pay strong. Considered dangerous transportation includes potentially deadly material, and as such, many trucking companies have a minimum age requirement for hazmat truck driver positions. Most carriers pay more for hazmat team truck drivers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for hazardous material transportation jobs should grow at a rate of 23% through 2020.

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Owner Operator Team Truck Driver

Salary Range American Movers Society of America reports many owner-operators average about $80,000 to $100,000 a year in net income. According to a survey of 160,884 owner-operators, they earn an average salary of $220,591 – because they’re O/O’s “salary” would not be accurate. Those #’s would be a gross settlement, so they’d have to subtract expenses of roughly $100k/year. That’s more than triple the average salary of an OTR trucker. Regardless of who you believe, owner operator team salaries are impressive.

Owner-operator team drivers enjoy a bit more freedom than most other drivers. Many drivers set their schedules, choose the loads, choose the carrier, and choose the routes. On the other hand, owner-operators team drivers usually run their own business (and truck), which has its own set of challenges.

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Tanker/Liquid Truck Driver

Typically, tanker/liquid truck driver salaries range between $55,00 and $72,000. In-demand hauls like fuel and milk lead the way in this growing field. Because some liquids are dangerous, tanker/liquid truck drivers are part of a federally regulated industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for tanker/liquid truck drivers between 2012 and 2022 forecasts an 11% increase in the number of jobs. One hundred ninety-two thousand jobs increase to the industry during this timeframe makes the job outlook as fast as average.

Ice Road Trucker

There is a reason A&E Network gave Ice Road Truckers a reality TV show. Considered the most dangerous truck driving jobs available, these truck drivers pushing the limits of Mother Nature can earn up to $250,000 a season. Ice road trucking season is shorter than other hauling lanes and usually three to four months. Weather is always a safety factor, and payloads are unique in size and shape. Openings are minimal, so landing an ice road truck job is not easy. The turnover rate for ice road truckers is significantly higher than the transportation average due to stress, long hours, dangerous driving conditions, and sub-zero temps.


For many people, truck driving provides a great way to make a living. The highest-paying truck driving jobs is a path to a big salary.  After a couple of years of experience, the sky (or road) is the limit for how much money a professional truck driver can earn. If you’re an experienced truck driver looking to go to the next level,

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