Truck driver reviews

Tri-State Motor Transit is driver obsessed. We are obsessed with hiring the best truck drivers and keeping them. Our treatment of truck drivers begins and ends with RESPECT. Tri-State drivers are our #1 asset. Every employee knows our company doesn’t succeed without happy, healthy, and well-supported truck drivers. Whenever our truckers review and share their experience at Tri-State, it’s appreciated. The following are Tri-State Motor Transit truck driver reviews:

Orlando S.

“I’ve driven for a lot of companies (and I mean a lot), but Tri-State [Motor Transit] stands out by far! As a driver, truth and transparency mean everything while we’re on the road.

If anything happens, we can call up, and whoever picks up the phone listens about whatever issue we have. [Support staff] try and resolve it quickly, or if they don’t have that knowledge, they’ll pass it to who knows the answer. Tri-State [Motor Transit] also cares about our training and puts a real effort into the classroom. [You are] not just reading verbatim then going on to the next subject. I know we haul hazmat loads primarily, but they make sure we get it before leaving class.

Dispatch and the load planners work together to make sure we’re rolling efficiently. They’re also truthful about loads and transparent with information, so we don’t get somewhere without the knowledge we need for the shipper or consignee.

Tri-State [Motor Transit] makes us feel comfortable driving for them. They have the resources and knowledgeable people to ensure our success and the company’s success as well. I’ve made many decisions but coming over to drive here was one of my best!”

Marlena P.

“I love working for Tri-State [Motor Transit] and couldn’t work for a better company. My Dispatcher is so awesome. He is stern but always makes sure things [get] done right, safe, and on time.”

Lisa B.

“[The] best company I have worked for [and] when they say, they are driver obsessed, they mean it. They take care of their drivers. I don’t know if any other company that does what they say. By joining Tri-State [Motor Transit], you are joining a family. Almost four years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love to all my Tri-State [Motor Transit] family.”

Deb S.

“[I] love this company. One of the best companies you could work for. [I] love the office personnel. I have not met one person who was not ready and willing to help me with any issue. The company personnel here are top-notch. [Thank you] for all you do. [I] love the equipment, love the pay, great insurance too.”

Jose A.

“Excellent pay and home time above all. Professional co-workers and environment. Brand new equipment. Great customers. Tri-State [Motor Transit] is an overall package deal.”

Owner Operator in McConnellsburg, PA

“There are so many Pros to this company; I would need more space. The pay is exceptional to the trucking industry; no one seems to believe me. [There is] no-load board to mess with, and they make it simple. All the people you deal with are very professional and trustworthy. Tri-State [Motor Transit] does right by their drivers and always looks out for them; their goal is to uplift us any opportunity they get. They are way above any other company out there. We have been with them for over two years, and our only regret is that we didn’t start with them sooner. The freight is there, and the money is there, and no stress.

Most days, I think, wow, how lucky am I to be with the greatest company in the USA. Kimberly Scott is an absolute gem and is the best recruiter breathing air; she breaks everything down and is the most honest, upstanding person I have had the pleasure of speaking with.”

Truck Driver Reviews Conclusion

Tri-State Motor Transit prides itself on providing the highest driver pay in the transportation industry, “best-in-class” equipment, superior health insurance, and unmatched driver respect. If you’re interested in joining Tri-State Motor Transit, connect with a recruiter or apply today.