10 Best Trucker Memes

The internet still debates when and what the first meme to ever appeared on the web. There is no debate about whether we love memes (an amusing or interesting item, such as a captioned picture or video, or genre of spread widely online, primarily through social media) or that memes remain some of the best entertainment available on the net. We are fond of trucker memes because, well, they are hilarious. Here are the 10 Best Trucker Memes and Why Truck Drivers Relate to Them:

Driving a car after weeks on the road

Trucker Meme - That feeling when you leave your truck and get back into your personal vehicle.

Every trucker experiences the massive difference between driving an 18-wheeler and driving anything else. After weeks on the road operating an 18-wheeler, driving anything else feels like a matchbox car. We love this meme because it’s accurate.

Trucker’s relationship with dispatchers

Trucker Meme - Dispatch be like stop wasting time, we have loads to deliver.

Truckers and dispatchers have a unique working dynamic. Even though both parties want the same thing, the relationship between the two can change instantly. Typically, truckers think dispatchers are out of touch, and dispatchers think truckers take too long to deliver loads. We love this meme because every truck driver experiences unforeseen delays, like blizzard conditions, while dispatchers push for on-time deliveries.

Cars and Trucks Merging in Interstates

Trucker meme - What if I told you the on-ramp is designed for you to reach the same speed as the traffic before merging.

Highways, interstates, and freeways are where truckers spend the majority when working. Therefore, merging traffic is constant and a regular source of frustration for truck drivers. The issue is physics. It’s impossible to join vehicles going 75 MPH when you’re traveling 35 MPH. On-ramp design allows all cars to reach the speed limit before merging. We love this meme because it’s usually the trucker going the speed limit who finds it necessary to adjust, not the car acting as a stationary object.

Stand in line if you think you’re the first one to flip me off today

Trucker Meme - What truck drivers do when you honk and flip them off.

If truckers are driving, cars honk, and fingers go up. Blaming a truck driver for anything on the way to the grocery store is just our way of life. So, if you think honking and giving us the finger ruins our day – think again. Truckers are laughing inside and wondering when karma will catch up to you. We love this trucker meme because truck drivers always have the last laugh, period.

Pass at your own risk

Trucker Spanglish Level Expert

The last thing a truck driver wants is to get into an accident. A trucker’s livelihood depends on driving safety. Traffic accidents hurt people, cause truckers to lose a CDL, delay deliveries – and suck in general. It’s no secret that drivers often push time and space when passing trucks. Recommendations about proper passing are on the back of just about every big rig in America. We love this meme because it’s the best warning of what awaits cars when attempting to overtake a truck on either side.

How much do you weigh?

Weigh station open - Weigh station closed

Trucks over 10,000 lbs. are required to stop at weigh stations. Weigh stations ensure logs are correct and confirm trucks are under maximum weight. Visual safety inspections also take place by DOT officers. Most professional truckers maintain proper weight and exemplary safety standards every day. Stopping at a weight station only slows the trip and adds time to deliveries – sometimes by hours, not minutes. We love this meme because a closed weigh station is just another little miracle on the road to getting the job done on time and safely.

You make your money; I’ll make mine

when people say you're just a trucker.

Driving a truck for a living still has a negative stigma attached to it – especially the money. We know how much money is available for those inside the trucking industry, and we’re grabbing it. So, when those who smirk when discovering what we do for a living – we sneer right back. If we tell you how much money we make, you will be shocked. We love this meme because professional truck driving provides an excellent lifestyle for my family and me.

We feel the force flowing within us

Trucker meme - Truck drivers are like Jedi the see things before they happen.

The truth is truck drivers are some of the most experienced and safe drivers on the road. Thousands of hours behind the wheel provide invaluable insight into seeing dangerous situations or accidents before they happen. We see three to five seconds before most drivers and adjust to avoid collisions or other bad outcomes. We love this meme because supernatural powers are not only for fictional movie characters – but they also live in all truckers.

It’s a connection thing

Sometime I wonder if my truck is thinking of me too.

Trucks are an extension of every truck driver. Trucks take on a life and personalities only truckers understand. It’s easy to get attached to the heavy machinery that provides for you and your family. Every once in and while all truckers get to thinking about whether their truck misses them too. We love this meme because it gets to the heart of being a real professional truck driver.

BONUS: We’re big kids too

No matter how badass of a trucker you are, if a kid does the arm pump you honk the air horn driver.

Every trucker was that kid in a car passing a truck begging a truck driver to pull the air horn. And we’ve never lost that feeling. So, when your child rolls the window down and does the arm pump, we oblige. The joy of knowing you got a trucker to sound the air horn is still one of life’s little pleasures. We love the trucker meme because truckers are fun people who enjoy making someone’s day.

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