John Wilber Chief Executive Officer

While #DriverObsessed is a relatively new and catchy name, the focus on our driver’s well-being is not new to our culture here at Tri-State or the Roadmaster Group. In fact, when we formed the Roadmaster Group in 2011, the first thing we did was agree on our corporate theme of “The Right Way”.

At the core of that message is that we treat everyone, including our customers, vendors, staff, and drivers, The Right Way. This means treating our drivers with the respect that they deserve and compensating them fairly for their incredible effort and commitment to our company. It also means being completely transparent and honest with all of our drivers all of the time. This focus on our drivers has resulted in the development of the most unique team pay plan in the industry, a “best in class” equipment fleet, and the best owner-operators in the business.

Our objective has always been to stand apart from the rest of the trucking industry by living up to these standards. We do a lot more than just promise to respect our drivers. We prove it with our actions. That is why I provide my email address and cell phone number to every driver that is hired and encourage them to contact me or other members of our executive team at any time with questions or concerns. There is nothing more enjoyable for me to spend most of my day communicating with our drivers or with drivers who are considering coming to work for Tri-State. That is my definition of a good day. That is my definition of being #DriverObsessed!