Waste Managment Symposia - Tri-State Staff

Several members of our team attended the annual Waste Management Symposia (WMS) Conference in Phoenix, AZ last month. WMS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and information exchange on global radioactive waste management. This conference attracts thousands of people from around the world and is widely regarded as the premier international conference for the management, packaging, and transportation of radioactive material and related topics.

Waste Managment Symposia - Tri-State Truck

As you can see in the pictures, we had our brand new truck, trailer, and container there for everyone to see along with a booth. We wanted everyone to know that we were still TSMT but we are now bigger and better, and we have NEW equipment! The main reason we attend this conference every year is that it is a great networking forum for us to connect with customers, colleagues, industry specialists, and managers from all over the country. It is great exposure for our company!!

Waste Managment Symposia - Tri-State Personnel

Pictured here: John Wilbur, Russ Thompson, Brian Markosian, Twyla McDermott, Leslie Martin, Charlie Pittman, Marti Pittman, David Ransom, Don Welchoff.