Russ Thompson Executive Vice President

Our company does a lot of special moves with ships, border crossings, and high-level customer requirements, and all in all we do a very GOOD job. But……. we need to become GREAT.

Great comes from being excellent communicators, we ensure we know exactly what the customer is expecting, document the process, and ensure everyone it touches is 100% up to speed.

It is the little things that make the difference between a GOOD company and a GREAT company. The little things take more effort on the front side but eliminate all the confusion and all the fires that come when we fail.

So what are the little things?

  • It’s everyone on the team taking that little bit of extra time to make sure the customer’s requirements are perfectly clear.
  • It’s making a phone call instead of sending an email or Qualcomm message.
  • It’s going above and beyond to assist your team or a customer.
  • It’s taking the time to train your team so they know all aspects of their job and most of your job.
  • It’s supporting each other so we are all Set up for Success.

The little things are when people say “Wow, I can’t believe he/she did that for me”. They say it because they aren’t used to being treated that way.

Thank you for all you do!