Not all trucking companies are alike. Tri-State Motor Transit stands above the rest in putting Drivers first, best-in-class equipment, and full benefits. Because Tri-State is approved by the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, our truck Drivers, are specialists in providing protective services throughout the Continental U.S., Alaska, and Canadian provinces for government and commercial truckload and LTL shipments. If your mission is s to provide customers with the highest level of security, safety, and on-time delivery, then it’s time to drive for us.

Here are 5 reasons to drive for Tri-State right now:

Top Driver Pay

Some carriers claim to pay truck Drivers what they are worth. Most transportation companies won’t tell you what their Drivers earn. Tri-State is transparent about Driver pay. Our top Driver made $101,287.36. Top two made over $100,000. Top 50 made $88,599. Top 100 made $83,089. Top 200 made $74,584. 80% of Drivers with the company at least 12 months with Tri-State made over $74k.

If you’re looking to drive for a company that really pays truck Drivers more, then it’s time to apply and drive for Tri-State.

Driver Benefits

Trucking industry recruiters claim their benefits are good. But many transportation companies’ benefit packages fall short of Driver expectations. Tri-State takes care of its Drivers with better and more complete benefits than almost all other industry carriers. At Tri-State, 100% employer-paid health insurance is available, and your 401k is a company match. Drivers can earn paid vacation for up to four weeks.

Weekly Pay is a benefit our Drivers rave about. At Tri-State, we know life and bills don’t happen every two weeks. That’s why we offer weekly pay, a way for our Drivers to have steady pay throughout the month for when bills and other situations pop up.

Driver Bonuses

Unlike other transportation companies, Tri-State lets Drivers decide how much additional pay they want to earn. Annual retention and production bonuses can be earned up to $8,000 per Driver (the average bonuses are $6,000+ per) Driver. That means your bonus could be 8% to 10% of your yearly earnings.

Join the Tri-State team of Drivers now and receive New Hire/Transition pay of $2,000 payable in the first three weeks. Unlike other carriers, you won’t have to wait six months to a year to receive a sign-on bonus.

Guaranteed Pay

If you are available to work, you are going to receive pay. Your pay is guarantee even when you haven’t been able to run, excluding home time, sick leave, other PTO, etc. For example, if you are stuck in a snowstorm, you will get paid whether your haul is moved or not.

What Our Drivers Say

More than anything, we are proud of what our Drivers have to say about working at Tri-State. Here are a few recent quotes about their experience driving for us:

Review of Tri-State by driver Tracy V.
Review from Tri-State driver Deb S.
Review from Tri-State driver Tamara C.
Review from Tri-State driver Juan S.


Whether you’re searching for top pay, top respect, top-of-the-line equipment, or want to transport the specialized, high-security cargo – then apply to drive for Tri-State. Join us on our never-ending mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of security, safety, and on-time delivery – THE SECURED WAY.

Interesting in driving for Tri-State Motor Transport? Talk to a recruiter or Apply Now.

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